Como– The Best Mobile App Maker and Great Discount Deals



Como The Best Mobile App Maker and Great Discount Deals 


From news channels to social media sites, people use applications all day on their devices. This is actually the next step in creating an amazing marketing plan, and any small business must think about converting their website into a mobile app. In fact, announcing your new application is quite trendy, and it’s a great way of getting good press and appearing in the local media. So what is the best way of creating a mobile application and how can you save money in the process? Well, the answer to these two questions is discussed below.


Introducing the Como Mobile App Maker


Como is one of the best mobile app makers on the internet that allows all kinds of companies to create manage and promote their apps. It has a redesigned development platform that makes it easier to create professional looking applications through the use of a wide variety of colors, themes, backgrounds, layouts and styles. Como also offers several innovative features to assist enhance your business efficiency, like the capability of accepting in-app payments and also allowing users to place online orders as well as tracking customer deliveries.


Besides, being a DIY innovative mobile app creator, Como also assists with app management and distribution. First of all, the built-in marketing genie offers a great range of essential services that promote your new app both online and offline. These marketing services include Facebook advertisement campaigns, in-store marketing promotions using window stickers, QR codes, certificates among other various printer materials. The Como management dashboard also allows business to track how you new mobile app is performance using the analytical features. It also allows the users to oversee different user activities such as orders, customer reservations, coupons, in-app purchases, loyalty cards and various other activities that generate revenue.


The advantage of using Como apps is that they are compatible with all major mobile phones. Como also guarantees very fast results as users can easily post their finished apps at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. In addition, it is free to create Como apps for the first 5 downloads. However, if you want unlimited download option, then you can use the paid plans that are quite affordable. In addition to the affordable Como plans, there are also some great discounts and promo codes available at


Como mobile app creation offers an instantaneous method of creating an effective app for your site. The current content on your website is automatically grabbed by the distinctive auto-discovery feature that creates your app within a few seconds only. And the best thing is that now you can get this particular at a very cheap price thanks to using the right coupon and promo codes.


With budgets getting tighter due to the current economic conditions, it is always good to look for a discount where applicable. The discounts and promo codes available at for Como users helps provide a great option for both small and big businesses to save on the costs of creating a mobile app.

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