Corel Coupon Codes & Big Deals



Corel Coupon Codes & Big Deals


Corel is the company who introduced CorelDraw as the first photo & video editing software for Windows. Nowadays we have the modern version of that program, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, which uses the most advanced techniques when it comes to the delivery of the highest quality results in the graphic design industry. Professional designers, companies as well as amateurs are enjoying the best of Corel’s graphic editing software, which includes mobile applications as well.


Corel’s top of the line software


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a program, which offers rich, interactive tools that will help the user prevail when it comes to vector illustration, digital editing and Web graphics including animation. This software includes six applications to meet all the needs of a master designer or a new user starting up in the industry. CorelDraw which is designed to aid the user in vector illustration and page layout; Corel Photo-Paint used in photo editing, Corel Power Trace which converts a bitmap to vector; Corel Website Creator required when creating a specific website; Corel Capture for capturing high quality screen shots and Corel Connect which is a tool used in content and file management.


Even though each of these 6 applications has their own purpose, they work by complementing each other, using similar elements that can be transferred in-between. To give an example, if you use CorelDRAW currently, but you find yourself in the need to edit an image you can switch to Corel Photo-Paint in order to that operation and then drag that picture over to CorelDRAW without saving or transferring the image through multiple processes.


PaintShop Pro is Corel’s take on Photoshop, which offers functions such as content aware object removal and layer manipulation. The newest version of this software also comes with faster brushes, new and improved shape cutting tools, a materials palette as well as support for XMP data files. PaintShop runs on all current Windows operating systems, being available in standard, pro and ultimate editions.  The ultimate edition contains a few auto correct features and more sensitive retouching and drawing tools.

Advice on finding a great deal


With the popular online way of marketing and distributing products, there’s no wonder that Corel software is widely available on many websites. When looking to purchase such a product it is in your best interest to find a trustworthy company, which will offer you the biggest discounts for all Corel products and application. The company offers genuine promo codes and unique deals with up to 40 percent price reductions for all the aforementioned products.


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