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Autodesk Promotion: 34% Off New Autodesk Maya 2018 Promo Codes and Discount

What’s New
Experience a greatly enhanced animation workflow using new sculpting tools, new environmental effects in Bifrost, new deformation smoothing, and a new user interface full of artist-friendly tools. New animation and visual effects features in Maya software help you to:
Increase the speed of playback and manipulation of character rigs with a new parallel, multi-threaded evaluation system in Maya that is designed to distribute computation amongst existing cores and graphics processors in your computer.
Experience better performance within the viewport for quicker feedback on your work using a new GPU-based mechanism that performs deformations on your graphics hardware within Viewport 2.0.
Create customized GPU-accelerated deformers by utilizing provided APIs for greater flexibility to your pipeline.
Understand and target bottlenecks in scenes and plug-ins more easily with a new, more integrated performance profiler.
Sculpt and shape models more artistically and intuitively with a new sculpting toolset that provides more detail and resolution.
Updates to previous sculpting tools include a brushes feature Volume and Surface falloff, stamp images, sculpting UVs, and support for vector displacement stamps.
Create more realism and detail by adding foam and bubbles (“whitewater”) to your liquid simulations, such as scenes with oceans, beaches, lakes, and stormy seas
Work more quickly with shorter simulation times. With adaptivity switched on, the whitewater system now has a higher resolution within the camera’s view, allowing for computing detail only where you need it.
Guide final results closer to the original geometry with Delta Mush, which smoothens deformations and can be used in many different workflows such as paint-free skinning, smoothing of coarse simulation results, and shot post corrections
More easily discover and use the tools you need, when you need them with a newly redesigned user interface (UI) that delivers a more modern, consistent, and fresh user experience while maintaining familiarity with the workflows you rely on. New icons, fonts, and a refined layout enable scaling and readability of the Maya UI across multiple form factors, displays, and resolutions—from handheld tablet PC’s to Ultra HD or 5K monitors.
Boost efficiency using a new re-categorized menu system based on workflows that makes it easier for artists to quickly access the tools they need.

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