Parellels Desktop 10 for Mac Coupon code and Discount



Parellels Desktop 10 for Mac Coupon coded and Discount

New release and new Features

Parallels issued its newest Desktop edition 10 for Mac last month for existing users, potential users as well as Business, which can run windows on MAC without rebooting. At the same time, lots of new features turn up first time.

Such as

1. Battery Life. Battery lifetime is now deeply extended by up to 30% than before version, so you can work with MAC for longer time than ever before.

2. Windows Documents. Now open windows 48% faster than ever after install on your PC.

3. Mac Memory Management. Using Parallels Desktop 10 Virtual machines less than 10% MAC memory.


Most Popular Bargain

Parallels Desktop 10 is a new issued edition, however, that means you have to pay full price without discount. We share the link below for you to get the Parallels Desktop 10 page, and copy the Parallels Desktop 10 into you shopping cart.

Parallels Desktop 10 Full Version Deal

This link is in valid this year.

Upgrade Version

If you have used Parallels Desktop 9 on your MAC currently, you can upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 for only $49.99 with $30 Discount. This version is only for Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and above only. Verification is required to install and activate the upgrade version after you download on you Mac (it need activate serial Number).

Parallels Desktop 10 Upgrade Version Deal

This link is in valid this year.

Free Trial Version

Parallels also released Free Trial edition of Parallels Desktop 10 for existing users, potential users at, however, you only get 14-Day Free Trial instead of 30-Day Trial. We share the link below for you to download the Trial Parallels Desktop 10, you can install it on your own Mac for 14-Day and play with the new features. You can buy the license or uninstall it from your Mac and reinstall it for another 14-Day after the Free Trial days run up.

Free Trial Version Download

This link is valid in this year.

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